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Uni Struggles

What I tell ya? Before midnight! So ha! 

Anywho… I had typed more to this. But the more I re-read it, I didn’t like it so I ended it where I ended it. Enjoy~

University was going to be the death of you. This was the third paper in one week that you’ve had to write. You were physically drained. And you’d hit that godforsaken wall of Writer’s Block. You were 85% sure you were going insane.

“Hey, babe,” Dan pokes his head into your room. You groan in response.

“Are you still writing that paper?” he asks coming up behind you. You groan again, and thump your head on the desk. Dan leans over your shoulder and slowly closes your laptop. You sit up quickly, the back of your head slamming into Dan’s chest.

“Dan, no! What are you doing!?” you panic, “I need to finish this!” Dan spins your chair around so you’re facing him directly. He places his hands on the arm rests, and leans in so he’s just inches from your face.

“You need sleep,” he states. You open your mouth to protest, and Dan crashes his lips onto yours. You pull back, but he immediately places his lips back on yours. You push him off this time, and hold him back as best as you can.

“Dan,” you whine, “ I need to finish this! It has to be three pages, and I’ve only typed three sentences.”

“You’re working too hard. It’s due in two days. Take a day to rest. Come to bed. I’m lonely,” he pouts. You start to protest again. Dan grabs your hands, and pulls you out of the chair. You try to pull away, but he’s too strong. You then decide to go limp. You relax your body and flop on the floor. Dan laughs at your childishness and picks you up, and throws you over his shoulder.

“Dan!” you squeal.

“Shh…” he chuckles, “Phil’s asleep. As is everyone else at 3AM.” He walks into his room, and drops you on the bed.

“Now, sleep,” he commands, “If you try to escape, I will just come get you again. Don’t make me break out the handcuffs.”

“But Dan, I—- handcuffs?” You look at him with an eyebrow raised.

“I needed them for a vide—- don’t ask questions. Just go to sleep.”

“Don’t you find it funny that you are telling me to go to bed? It’s usually the other way around.”

“Yes,” he chuckles, “but this is different. You don’t need to be stressing out over this when you literally get an A star on everything. You’re amazing, Y/N. Never forget that.” You peck his lips gently.

“Thank you,” you smile. You snuggle into his chest, and he wraps his arms around you.

“I love you, Dan,” you say. He squeezes you tighter briefly, “I love you more.”

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